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With consistent investments in practical innovations and new products, MiTek® provides engineered product solutions that help you 
Waste Less Time and Materials, Lower Project and Labor Costs, and Accelerate Building Cycles.

The Mitek Standard

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Innovative building SOLUTIONS

Since 1955, MiTek products have been built on innovation and a tradition of building quality in everything we do.

Lateral Systems

The MiTek® Lateral Systems line is the only complete set of lateral force resisting products that meet all needs of the light-frame wood construction industry:

  • Shear Wall Systems
  • Cold Formed Steel Moment Frames
  • Moment Frames
  • Tie-Down Systems

Structural Connectors

From foundation to ridge, our structural connectors will ensure your structure is optimized for safety, compliance, and efficiency

  • Hardware
  • Anchoring Solutions
  • Fasteners
  • Gold Coat Corrosion Resistance

Offsite Solutions hardware

MiTek® is the world’s leading supplier and innovator of offsite component connectors and hardware:

  • Component Connector Plates
  • Stabilizer Brace
  • Posi-Strut
  • Connecting Components to the Structure

Watertight Solutions

A simple, easy-to-install waterproof barrier for tiled bathrooms and showers:

  • Complete Watertight System
  • Innovative Backer Board

Featured Products

Make your next job easier with these MiTek products

CFS Moment Frames

The first and only pre-manufactured Cold Formed Steel Moment Frames in the Industry, designed for narrow wall lengths with high capacities at significant cost savings over structural steel moment frames.

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Learn more about CFS Moment Frames

CFS Moment Frames

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Increase performance with clear span flexibility, building design freedom, and easy access for plumbing and electrical installations.

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Learn more about Posi-Strut


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Triton Watertight System

A hassle-free, easy-to-install waterproofing system for tiled bathrooms and showers.

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Learn more about Triton Watertight System

Triton Watertight System

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Just with what we save in roof framing, we are able to cut our overall framing time by 50%.
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