Jack Table™
Platen Press

Complement your larger lines with this flexibile and speedy platen press.

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  • Raise the pressing force from 30 tons to 50 tons of pressure with the turn of a switch.
  • Many different options for jigging, table length, and table-top material.
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This platen press is designed specifically for jack trusses, but its flexibility, speed, and power can complement your larger lines in many ways.

  • Installs within hours and an operator can be proficient within minutes, allowing you to ship jack trusses out the door on the same day the machine is delivered.
  • Uses U-channels and U-channel jigging.
  • Horizontal travel driven by hydraulic motor.
ComponentsGantry head and single table
Dimensions of TableChoice of 20′, 24′, 30′ length x 6′ wide
Platen Working Surface66′ 1/2″ x 12″
Platen Material1″ thick steel
Table-top Material1″ solid plastic on top of 3/4″ plywood (see Options)
Throat OpeningAdjustable up to 4-3/4″
Hydraulic System Motor for Pressing7-1/2 hp
Hydraulic Reservoir7 gal.
Pressing Capacity50-ton
Lumber CapacityAny lumber up to 4-1/2″ thick, and less than 12″ wide
Max. Truss Height5′ 6″
Max. Truss LengthLength of table
Plate Embedment100%
Direction of TravelLeft and right
HMI2-position joystick and dual (2-handed) pushbuttons
Electrical Specs208/230/460/575 VAC, 60 Hz 3-phase 380/415 VAC, 50 Hz 3-phase
Uses overhead bus bar or festoon cable
Controls2-handed operating control buttons
Safety ComplianceUL (panels), OSHA
Indicators of MovementHorn and beacon light
LabelsBilingual or ISO


  • Heater for hydraulic fluid (recommended in cold environments)
  • Platen blocking for 3x and 4x dimensional lumber

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