MiTek Structure
with Integrated Truss Design

Built exclusively for component manufacturers, MiTek® Structure with Integrated Truss Design delivers the most powerful structural modeling, editing, and estimating functionality in the industry.



Built exclusively for component manufacturers, MiTek® Structure delivers the most powerful structural modeling, editing, and estimating functionality available anywhere.

Easy Collaboration

Talks to MiTek® Viewer, and compatible with BIM.

Integrated Component Design

Trusses, EWP, floor cassettes, and wall panels – all in one program.

One-Click Printing

Quickly and easily scheme output as needed.

Powerful 3D Modeling

Visual design process for a more accurate jobsite project

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Upgrade to mitek structure with integrated truss design

Benefits of converting

When converting to MiTek Structure with Integrated Truss Design, you get increased functionality, performance, and enhanced support from MiTek for training and onboarding your designers.

  • Faster and more accurate design process
  • Automatically updates truss design when modifications are made in the model
  • Easily combine multiple conditions into a single truss design
  • Drag and drop updates to webs and chord splices
  • Robust on-screen editing tool for plates
  • Better integration with MiTek Management
  • Easier to learn and operate due to more accessible tools, details, properties, and with fewer pop-up dialogs
  • Compare the cost of multiple designs of a single truss in a model with Snapshot
  • Accurately model roof loads on floor trusses and floor loads on roof trusses
  • Automatic interior chord loading

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customer stories

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“We modernized our truss design and manufacturing capabilities by switching from eFrame™ to MiTek Structure.”

Accurate Housing Systems
East Troy, Wisconsin

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“We cut more than 70% of our manufacturing process times and save countless input hours using MiTek Structure and the management modules.”

Mattingly Lumber & Millwork
Madison, Illinois



  • Formula Builder
    The formula builder feature enables designers to create or store customized formulas, group formulas into sets, scheme and apply to jobs or individual objects. Create estimates by applying formulas to modeled objects.
  • Bill of Materials
    Produce a traceable, verifiable BOM – one that can visually track the materials used in the model.
  • Options Management
    Create and customize plan options directly from within a job file. You can include all member types in your options, from accessories to walls, and utilize option customization, such as special junction considerations for site-specific creation.
  • Multi-Family Referencing
    Users can model a unit once and place it multiple times. Placed units maintain a link back to original units, so you can make changes in one model and selectively update the references to units.
  • Floor Cassettes
    Users can design advanced components, including pre-manufactured floor systems.


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