We offer a full range of structurally rated fasteners for wood frame structures.

Code compliant, labor reducing, pro quality screws available in interior and exterior finishes.  Lengths from 1 ½” to 10.” Cut point feature offers fast start and reduces torque during installation.


Pro Series Fasteners

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USP offers a full range of structurally-rated nails. All galvanized nails are Hot-dipped for greater corrosion resistance.

A self-drilling screw used for numerous framing applications, featuring reverse locking serration on the bottom of the screw.

WS Structural Wood Screws

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The collated hardware nail head identification system ensures the correct fastener is used in its proper application.

MiTek® TECO™ Collated Hardware Nails

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We offer a wide range of bolts specified for the USP product line, each shipped with two washers and one hex nut.

A self-drilling screw that can be used with a number of USP Structural Connectors and wood-to-wood applications.

LumberLok Structural Connector Screws

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