MiTek® Services Division is focused on helping you grow your business with highly skilled resources that can scale as your requirements change.



MiTek's® Services Division provides a range of services to support your efficient growth, capability, and profitability. Engage our Platinum Global team of dedicated resources for your business. Realize positive return on investment with as little as 13-15 hours of demand per week. With MiTek as your partner, we are ready to assess your unique business needs and determine the best option for you.

MiTek Services

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Design, Drafting, Estimating, Admin

Platinum Global™

Extend Your Team.

Utilize expert, customized Drafting and Design Services, using structural design software, to guide construction projects from concept to completion. Since 1990. We have over 1,000 estimators, drafters and designers providing unique, custom construction-based service solutions for businesses throughout the world.

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Scale up quickly without adding overhead. Bypass the labor shortage.


Our 1,000+ team members are capable of providing engineering, design, architecture, drafting, take-offs, estimating, renderings, truss design work, BOM / BOQ and more.


Our customers range from Fortune 500 Homebuilders to small family fabricators, component manufacturers and lumberyards.


We know and utilize over 100 different major software platforms, such as: AutoCAD, Revit, Buildsoft, SAPPHIRE®, WMS™, Autodesk, Revit and more.


Eliminate the pain of attrition in the most sought after resource areas.

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Drafting, Design and Estimating


Generating estimates, BOM, and traditional plan and model sets.

Solutions include: Plan Creation and Plan Library Maintenance, Plan Editing/Redlines and Lot Specific Drawings, BIM Services - conversion and creation, Renderings - Interior and Exterior, and Takeoffs and Estimating.

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Offer both 2D and 3D drafting, relieving home builders of the drafting loads from their in-house teams.


We manage plan libraries, creation of master models, or lot-specific plan sets using the top BIM design tools in the home building market.


Get highly accurate takeoffs/estimates.


Receive fast turnaround on “red lines” so customers’ last-minute changes to lot-specific plans can be accommodated.

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HVAC Home Design

Wrightsoft HVAC™ Design Services

Create an HVAC system designed to optimize the home's comfort, efficiency, and indoor air quality, utilizing Wrightsoft's Production Home Design Services.

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Streamlined HVAC and Energy Design

Dramatically improve quality of mechanical systems, lower your costs, removes costly construction delays, and shorten design cycles.

Corporate Design Standards and Specifications

Automate and optimize multiple design rules for different code communities as well as climate sensitive rules, all while ensuring design meets code requirements.

Field Inspection

Provide field inspection and perform HVAC system analysis of completed HVAC Systems.

System Review

Review existing or other sourced design documents and provide a report detailing conformance to code and specifications.

Special Projects

Research and development to investigate and validate new building materials, HVAC equipment and ducts.

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