Single Platform Production Management

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Boost your truss and wall production performance with real time production management built in MiTek Production® – the most integrated and simplified production system to help you accurately manage the production of components throughout your plant.


Boost your performance

MiTek® Production is a fully integrated solution, allowing you to import work from other software, like MiTek® Management. Tracking points are accessible and can be marked complete automatically. 

  • Manage Production in Real-Time 
    Data is pushed live, with updates and calculations performed immediately. Real-time updates keep operations teams fully informed of machine job status.
  • Cut and Drive 
    All the files needed to drive your computerized saws, auto jigging systems, nailing bridges, and lasers are created and distributed seamlessly in the background, via two-way messaging communication. 
  • Simplified Configuration 
    Setting up a new line or reconfiguring is user friendly, without requiring a technical representative to be on-site.
  • Web-Based Nature 
    The shop floor interface is web-based, so it can be accessed from multiple machines, or even a tablet on the floor, providing easier access for employees.
  • Paperless Environment 
    Crew members don’t have to write anything down, which slows down the feedback loop as papers must be handed off, leading to potential delays and errors.
  • Efficient Machine Scheduling 
    Operations teams can schedule parts to be cut most efficiently by the optimal piece of machinery on the line.

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