Whole-house estimating and engineered wood design software.

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Eliminate the Guesswork – Create take-offs that everyone agrees on

Designed to meet the needs of building material dealers, MiTek® Supply is the one-stop solution for whole-house estimating, EWP and lumber design. Now your waste factor no longer has to account for the fudge factor.

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Accurate Take-Offs

Eliminate the guesswork. Create take-offs that everyone agrees on.

Shared 3D-Model

Produces a list of materials, installation guide and you can identify and resolve design issues before the home is shipped.

Viewer Integration

View and confirm your model during estimating with this collaborative viewer that gets you and your customer on the same page.

EWP layout and design

Supply includes the leading EWP manufacturers’ design data and a traceable, verifiable BOM – on that can visually track the material used in the BIM.


Digitize the Supply Chain

  • Confidence
    • You (and your customers) can be confident that your estimates and quotes are complete and accurate.
    • Precisely lay out the framing members in 3D – eliminate “guesstimates.”
    • Produce a traceable, verifiable Bill of Materials (BOM) – one that can visually track the material used in the model.
  • Productivity
    • No need to learn multiple EWP design systems, MiTek Supply includes the leading EWP manufacturers’ design data.
    • This single software solution allows you to provide EWP design and layout and whole-house estimates without multiple entry.
    • Collaborate with your CM, sharing a single model to reduce multiple entry, multiple assumptions, and unnecessary errors.
  • Differentiation
    • Help your customers identify and resolve potential design issues before the home is shipped.
    • Other suppliers only provide a list of materials, but you can provide the list and the installation guide, including a 3D model of the framed home.
    • Through MiTek Viewer, offer your customers the benefits of collaboration by viewing and confirming your model during the estimating process.
    • Empower your customers’ construction through MiTek Viewer, a superb tool for superintendents and framers.

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