Space saving stacking solution.

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  • Stacks trusses in a vertical position.
  • Perfect for small spaces, inside or outside. 
  • Choose from 2-zone or tandem, giving you flexibility and increased length capacity.
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The Peak-Up Stacker stacks roof trusses in a vertical position, allowing more trusses to be stacked in a smaller space. This opens up the possibility of installing the Peak-Up Stacker indoors so your trusses never see the weather.  Inside or outside, this stacker holds up to the environment. The bundle indexes back as each truss is stacked, holding up to 30 trusses in each bundle. Integrate them with your conveyors and finishing press for even more impact.

ComponentsStackers and receiver stands
Stacker Dimensions23′ x 15′
Stacking Zones2-zone tandem = 2 in-line stacking zones (on same side of conveyor)
2-zone = 2 stacking zones (1 on ea side of conveyor)
4-zone = 4 stacking zones (2 on ea side of conveyor)
Motor2 hp
Appox. Weight13,000 lb per zone
ModesAuto or Manual
Cycle Time40-second cycle
Weight Capacity1,200 lb per system
Truss Length2-zone = 2 stacks, 16′ to 60′ OR when installed tandem to each other = 1 stack, 16′ to 80′
4-zone = 4 stacks, 16′ to 60′ OR 2 stacks, 16′ to 80′
Truss HeightUp to 14′ (see Options)
Max. # of TrussesApprox. 30 (2×4 construction)
HMIPushbutton station, touch screen, and remote radio transmitter
Electrical Specs208/230/460 VAC, 60 Hz, 3-phase
SAfety Data
Safety ComplianceUL (panels), OSHA
Indicators of MovementHorn and beacon light
LabelsBilingual or ISO


  • Choose your configuration: 2-zone or tandem
  • Capacity for 16′ truss height
  • Powered Stand-Alone Conveyors
  • Interlocks to integrate with conveyors and finishing press

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