The MatchPoint® DirectDrive™ system is an automated picking, cutting, material handling, and assembly system configurable to your production needs

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  • Increases plant capacity within your facility’s existing footprint.
  • Coordinates operation of multiple MiTek machines.
  • Builds truss-by-truss with unparalleled efficiency and speed.
  • Reduces labor costs associated with unproductive material handling.
  • Allows crews to focus on the profitable part of the workflow: building trusses.
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MatchPoint DirectDrive Material Handling System

DirectDrive System

MiTek’s MatchPoint® DirectDrive™ system increases the productivity of roof truss component manufacturing.  By combining the Ranger® lumber retrieval system, the MatchPoint®BLADE™ wood processing system, the CDS™ component delivery system, and the Wizard PDS® perimeter definition system, we have created the most integrated and automated system yet.

Instead of each machine functioning independently, the DirectDrive system uses the power of software to automate the feeding, cutting, and moving of boards to tables, where automated jigging minimizes set-up time for each truss. 

Due to its highly customizable design, the DirectDrive system trims unnecessary steps to create a simple, streamlined workflow.

For optimal efficiencies and productivity, combine the Ranger™ Retrieval System, MatchPoint® BL ADE™ wood processing system, CDS™ component delivery system, and Wizard PDS® perimeter definition system to scale your operations’ capability.

  1. The Ranger Retrieval System stores and delivers lumber to the saw quickly and consistently, with no labor required
  2. The automated MatchPoint Blade saw marks and cuts the lumber for efficient assembly and reduced material waste
  3. The conveyors of the CDS move members from the saw to the tables without the need for manual sorting
  4. The Wizard PDS® system positions jigging automatically, eliminating setup and assembly bottlenecks


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