Glulam Beam Connectors

Welded Top Flange Hangers


Reference Series: WP
SW – Light-duty hanger.
SWH – Medium-duty hanger.
KHW – Heavy-duty hanger installs with NA20D nails for higher load capacities.
SW top flange – 12 gauge; stirrup – 12 gauge;
SWH top flange – 7 gauge; stirrup – 12 gauge;
KHW top flange – 3 gauge; stirrup – 10 gauge
Finish: USP primer
Code Reports: View Code Report Table

Technical Bulletins


  • Use all specified fasteners.
  • NA20D nails are supplied with KHW hangers.
  • KHW models are not recommended for use with LVL, PSL, or LSL headers.

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Option Details:

Welded Top Flange Installation

Welded Top Flange Installation View / Download the above load table as a PDF

Code Report Table