Concrete and Masonry

Foundation Anchor


Reference Series: MAS
For installation into concrete slabs. The FA3 features a split flange for nailing to both mudsill and stud for greater framing versatility.
Materials: 16 gauge
Finish: G90 galvanizing
Code Reports: View Code Report Table


  • Use a minimum of two anchors per mudsill. An anchor should always be within 12″ of the end of each mudsill section.
  • Do not rely on these anchors to secure concrete sections together between cold joints.
  • Insert into wet concrete (minimum strength of 2,500 psi). Place mudsill after concrete cures. Secure flanges to sill (and stud, if applicable), bending flanges as needed to achieve a tight fit. Fasten as directed in load table.
  • Do not use in red clay brick.
  • For installation in severe corrosion environments, see Corrosion Information Click here.

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Corrosion Resistant Products Table

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