Wizard PDS®

Build two or three times the trusses with the same crew … in the same space … with the same size table system.


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Drastic Reduction in Setup Time

  • Automatically places jigging in the most efficient locations by using truss data in the design file.
  • Flexible and agile design with multiple spacing options to fit your needs. 
  • Can be easily installed in existing tables.

Wizard PDS Overview Video

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Perimeter Definition System

Watch your quality and savings skyrocket without recruiting experienced truss-builders.    

Wizard PDS® has been designed to accommodate most any plant circumstance, most any table equipment.  You can install a Wizard PDS® system on new or old tables, a MiTek companies' brand or another manufacturer's brand.

High-speed automated saws have raised parts output in many plants, but truss assembly remains the bottleneck. Wizard PDS® eliminates that bottleneck. It takes the information downloaded directly from your design department, shows the truss on its computer and positions the pins automatically. So your crews can build trusses faster than ever before, typically in 3 to 5 minutes each, from start to finish. 

Physical Data
Drop-in channels with motor and 2 pins per channel
Channel Width
On-Center Spacing
24" (approx.)
Pin Diameter
2 motors per gearbox drive assembly: 1/4 hp each
  • HMI is a Windows-based PC with Wizard PDS® Gold software.
  • Current MiTek tables designed for Wizard PDS channels to be added with ease.
  • Can also be installed in any table made by MiTek or a variety of manufacturers, in less time than other assemblies on the market.
  • Integrates with laser projections systems for additional speed and convenience.
  • Low maintenance
    • Uses dust-and water-resistant cabling and enclosures.
    • Open design allows debris to fall through to floor.
Electrical Data
208 VAC
3-phase, 60 Hz AND
120 VAC
20 amps per control box (one control box per every 4 channels)
  • Integrate with any laser system.
  • Truss assembly information displayed on television or projection screen.

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