MatchPoint BLADE II

The latest linear saw that minimizes downtime and increases throughput.

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  • Works as a stand-alone or part of a seamlessly integrated MatchPoint® DirectDrive™ system
  • Selects optimal boards for cuts when paired with automation software
  • State-of-the-art cutting chamber reduces dust and increases safety
  • Superior AGS printing improves assembly throughput and quality
  • BoardStretcher feature increases material utilization in each board
  • Adjustable stroke, angle elevation, and bevel
  • Reduces manual material handling
  • Adjusts for crooked lumber, keeping it “in grip”
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MatchPoint Blade™ Wood Processing System



MatchPoint® BLADE™ II is fully automated and the latest linear saw to handle highly variable truss jobs with many unique setups. 

This next-generation saw has enhanced features that increase accuracy and reduce waste, leading to lower costs and more output for your operation. Get more uptime with the MatchPoint BLADE II upgraded components. 


Advanced systems including guarding, Emergency stops, door latches, and UL electrical certifications keep operators safe 
IntegrationWorks as a stand-alone or part of a seamlessly integrated MatchPoint® DirectDrive™ system
AccuracyServo motors and system calibration result in high quality cuts with accuracy of 1/32” on centerline an 0.1° on angles
AvailabilityEnhanced and durable components minimize system down time   
ProductivityAutomation of material handling, part setups, and part marking yields more truss throughput with less labor 


Production Management Software  

Selects optimal boards for cuts when paired with automation software, MiTek Production 
Auto Feeding Material handling options with a Ranger lumber delivery system or an Auto Deck staging conveyors frees labor to do other tasks 
Board Material Optimization BoardStretcher feature increases material utilization in each board Beveling Axis 
Crown Lumber Compensation Adjusts for crooked lumber, keeping it “in grip” 
Plate Location Printing Superior AGS printing improves Roof Truss assembly throughput and quality 
Edge Printing Printing on board edges enables part marking for Wall Panel or Floor Truss components 
End to End System Integration System Integration with Direct Drive reduces manual material handling with a complete end to end system connecting raw lumber to cut components for assembly 
Data Reporting System reporting from MiTek Production enables critical monitoring of the Truss Production system in the plant 


Infeed Automation 

Loading boards in order of need on the Auto Deck or complete automated picking with Ranger with capacity up to 22 unique bunks of lumber 
Printing Capability Front Face, Rear Face, and/or Edge printing marks components with part information, job/lot identification, and connector plate location 
Cutting Capability Adjustable stroke, angle elevation, and bevel. State-of-the-art cutting chamber reduces dust and increases safety 
Outfeed Automation Eject cut parts with Powered Roller Conveyor and move material manually, or eject cut parts with Direct Drive Component Delivery System directly to assembly station staging 

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