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Perfect for Use in the Furniture Industry
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When you combine our exclusive nail values, high-quality test-substantiated steel values, and packaging options, the result is the best connector plate package in the industry.  We also offer customers the ability to order plates and parts on-line. Visit our MiStore for details.


Coil Plate

Our coil nails come through in a pinch-whether you're building jack trusses or pallets. 

  • Need to build a whole bunch of little trusses really fast?
  • Perfect for use in the furniture industry.
  • This plates are great for smaller trusses ("Jacks")
  • Works great in the corners of roofs that form a triangle and short trusses, made of two 2x4s.
  • We have developed a way to cut with our JackRabbit Press machine to cut the member and press them together.



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