Posi-Strut® Metal Web System

Clear span flexibility, building design freedom, and easy access for MEP.

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Metal Web System

Increase performance with clear span flexibility, building design freedom, and easy access for plumbing and electrical installations.
  • V-shaped metal web member has complete interchangeability with 2 x 10 and 2 x 12 joists.
  • Designed for strength and maximum performance, but very lightweight, for easy handling and installation.
  • Open web design eliminates cutting and drilling, so plumbing and electrical services install fast.
  • Wide nailing surface makes applying floor sheathing easy.

Posi-Strut Floor Cassette

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Why Posi-Struts are right for your next build.

Are you a homebuilder or multifamily developer seeking a solution to the limited panel space associated with shallow floor systems? Take a look at the Posi-Strut brochure and see if it's right for your next build.

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Posi-Strut Brochure
Connector Plates

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