MT20™, MT20HS™, MT18HS™ MII16

MiTek has been manufacturing dependable, quality connector plates for more than 50 years.

Connector Plates

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When you combine our exclusive nail values, high-quality test-substantiated steel values, and packaging options, the result is the best connector plate package in the industry.  We also offer customers the ability to order plates and parts on-line. Visit our MiStore for details.


Plate Properties

MiTek has been manufacturing dependable, quality connector plates since 1955.  Our connector plates offer the best balance between nail value and steel strength in the industry and meet or exceed your local building code requirements.  We use only the highest-quality steel for our connector plates.

  • MT20™ and MII 16 connector plates are manufactured from ASTM A-653, Grade 40, Structural Steel.
  • MT20HS™ and MT18HS™ plates are made from ASTM A-653, Grade 60 steel.
  • The steel is coated with a hot-dipped galvanize, resulting in a G60 coating designation.
  • MiTek offers G90 and G185 galvanized coatings on our MT20 plates and MT20 StainlessSteel Plates for added protection against corrosion. 

MiTek Connector Plates

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We started with MiTek in 1976 and have built our business over the years with them.

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