Hinge Plate

Hinge Plates with higher engineering values.  Replace piggyback or cap trusses with more reliability built in.
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When you combine our exclusive nail values, high-quality test-substantiated steel values, and packaging options, the result is the best connector plate package in the industry.  We also offer customers the ability to order plates and parts on-line. Visit our MiStore for details.


Hinge Plate

MiTek's new MTH18 is a full size plate with over 50% more engineering values in Shear and Compression categories and over 10% increase in tension.  Hinge plates are the perfect solution for both the component manufacturer and the framer.

  • Higher design values in the same dimension plate as the BEH18 hinge.
  • Creates a strong, secure connection.
  • Replaces the long running and successful BEH18 plate for hinge trusses.
  • 18 gauge ASTMA653 galvanized steel.
  • Available as a half and half hinge - teeth on one side, nail holes on the other - MTHNH18.
  • MTH18 & MTHNH18 plates are in MiTek design software.
  • The MTH18 replaces the BEH18 which is discontinued. 
  • Installation is made easy because you have no loose parts, no extra trusses to build or handle, and no worries about oversized loads on high-pitched trusses.

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