Shear Wall Panel

IRC Compliant Prefabricated steel shear wall panels that are compatible in wood framing.



There is a new solution for constructing wall openings. The Hardy Shear Wall Panel is the narrowest panel in the industry, offering a space saving option for garage fronts that also meets the 2015 IRC code. Not only does this save space in the design, but it also saves time and money in the building process.

Narrow wall sections require extensive, often problematic construction work. Hardy Shear Wall Panels offer an IRC compliant alternative.

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Hardy Shear Wall Panel

IRC COMPLIANT Shear wall panel

Easy to Inspect. Easy to Install. Fewer Callbacks.

MiTek manufactures the revolutionary Hardy Shear Wall System and has been the leader in the pre-fabricated shear wall industry for over 18 years.

  • The MiTek Lateral System allows Building Design Professionals to economically and safely minimize wall space and maximize wall openings.
  • The HFX 9” wide Panel is the most cost-effective, and narrowest prefabricated shear wall panel in the industry.
  • Enables narrower walls and allows for larger openings (and more effective use of available space.)
  • Their “C-Shape” is the most trade-friendly in the industry – the cavity shape allows you to easily insulate and recess fixtures.


The 9-inch wide HFX Panel is the narrowest in the industry
The least amount of Braced Wall Length required enables the widest openings.

The Panels C-Shape is unique to the pre-fabricated shear wall industry 
The C-shape is trade friendly for recessing electrical fixtures, installing wood backing and can be insulated.  No other prefabricated shear panel offers these advantages.

Provides the highest allowable shear loads in the industry
The strength and stiffness of steel in a Panel that is compatible with wood framing.

Complies with 2015 IRC Code
Code Evaluation Report of compliance assures Building Departments acceptance.


As with engineered designs in the IBC Code, IRC Prescriptive Designs often result in sections of walls that are too narrow for Braced Wall Panel requirements to be met, the most common being at garage doors. For those conditions HFX Panels are the solution.

In many cases our 9” wide Panel, the narrowest prefabricated shear wall in the industry is a very cost effective solution. Anchors for the HFX Panel in Prescriptive Design can be cast in during the concrete pour or post installed with CIA-Gel 7000-C epoxy. MiTek Shear Wall Panels provide the structural requirements in narrow wall lengths and their “C-Shape” is the most trade-friendly in the industry.

To structurally resist lateral wind and seismic loads in wood or steel framed buildings strategic wall lines must be braced. The International Residential Code (IRC) provides a system for bracing structures that does not require an engineered design.

The system identifies Braced Wall Lines (BWLs), establishes minimum Braced Wall Panel (BWP) quantities, defines where they are to be located within those lines, and provides methods for constructing the BWPs.