Moment Frames

The Hardy Moment Frame is a pre-fabricated, pre-engineered system that utilizes the new-generation SidePlate® special moment connection technology.


hardy portal frame

The Hardy Portal Frame has been approved by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) – the national standard for prequalified special / intermediate steel moment frame connections in seismic applications

When to use a Hardy Portal Frame

  • At large openings where the narrowest wall space is available and high shear loads are required.
  • When foundations are limited or existing and a pinned base connection facilitates foundation design.
  • When designing three story or greater structures, all parallel walls must be designed at the lowest R-Value. Specify a Hardy Portal Frame and design at the same R=6.5 as design of plywood shear walls.

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MiTek Hardy Portal Frame

Design Your Custom Frame
Design Professionals and Engineers of Record can use our Moment Frame Design Manager to enter project, design, geometry and loading information which is automatically transmitted to MiTek. The data is used by MiTek engineers to design the frame.

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MiTek Hardy Picture Frame

HARDY Picture frame

The Hardy Picture Frame doubles the capacity of a typical Hardy Portal Frame with SidePlate SMF Connection at four-column intersections. It is pre-Assembled and pre-welded for fast installation and quality control. (Option for bolted splice available.)

  • Maximized frame capacity with the most economical column and beam sections.
  • Designed to significantly increase lateral force capacity and reduce earthquake deformation.
  • Built-in Hollow Structural Steel section replaces the need for complex grade beam design and eliminates associated field labor and material.
  • Pinned Base Anchorage requires minimal footing size.

Designing for New Construction

  • Calculate the design shear load based on an R-Value of 6.5.
  • Check that the tabulated Allowable Shear meets the design shear load.
  • If the design shear load exceeds the allowable table value, contact MiTek to determine if an alternate solution, such as a “fixed base” connection will meet the design loads.
  • Calculate the additional vertical loads using the IBC strength design load combinations.
  • Check that additional vertical loads do not exceed the tabulated Allowable Vertical Loads.
  • Calculate the tabulated Column Base Reactions for use in the foundation design


On the Foundation Plan

  • Specify the Hardy Portal Frame model number at the location to be installed.
  • Specify anchorage designation for tension and shear from Hardy Portal Frame Anchorage table in MiTek Hardy Portal Frame detail sheets.
  • Specify connection of column base to the foundation (on Nuts & Washers, on Concrete, with Pinned or Fixed Base) refer to Installation Details for connections.


On the Framing Plan

  • Specify a connection from the collector (or “drag”) to the top of the Hardy Portal Frame from Installation Details.
  • Consider out of plane bracing for the Frame either through a diaphragm to the beam or with framing members to the columns.

STATE of the art, lateral force resisting system

The Hardy Portal Frame is a state-of-the-art, pre-fabricated, pre-engineered system that utilizes the new-generation SidePlate® moment connection technology to resist lateral forces from high wind and earthquake loads

This breakthrough system allows buildings to be designed with larger openings and less wall area while exceeding the most stringent building code requirements for moment frame construction.

MiTek Moment Frames are powered by our SidePlate Systems for the residential and light commercial industry.

The SidePlate system is nationally recognized and is the first code-approved moment connection to be pre-qualified by ICBO-ES, ICC-ES, and LA City. This connection now has a history of extensive use in hospitals, government buildings and other heavy steel frame applications.




hardy portal farme template kit and hardy picture frame kit

MiTek Template Kits include all embed components necessary for connecting two moment frame columns.

The HFMFTK6 includes

  • (2) Templates
  • (2) Bolt Braces
  • (4) Anchor Bolt Assemblies (rod, nuts and washers)
  • (10) #3 Grade 60 Shear Ties.

HFMFTK8, 10, 12 and 14 Kits include

  • (2) Templates
  • (2) Bolt Braces
  • (8) Anchor Bolt Assemblies (rod, nuts and washers)
  • (10) #3 Grade 60 Shear Ties.

HFPICTK6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 Kits include

  • (2) Templates
  • (2) Bolt Braces
  • (8) Anchor Bolt Assemblies (rod, nuts and washers)

Hardy Portal and Picture Frame Templates

Hardy Portal Frame and Picture Frame Templates are fabricated from 14″ gage steel to assure accurate centerlines between anchors within the column and enable measurement for column centerlines. Place the Templates on form boards with duplex nails to secure in place. At interior conditions or when using the Picture Frame Template, attach to wood members that stakes can be used for placement. Half-circle cutouts are provided for measuring centerlines between columns.

Hardy Portal and Picture Frame Bolt Brace

The Hardy Bolt Brace is designed for use with Hardy Portal Frame and Picture Frame Templates. Bolt Braces are made of 14 gage steel. Install by connecting with “double nuts” to the embed end of the anchor bolts to prevent sway while concrete is being poured leaving anchors parallel and plumb to each other.

Hardy Anchor Bolt Assemblies

Anchor Bolt Assemblies are sold individually in lengths of 36, 48 and 60 inches to provide rod lengths for various embed depths. Anchor Bolt Assemblies consist of

  • (2) High Strength Anchor Bolts
  • 1/2” x 3” x 3” ASTM A36 Plate Washer
  • Hardened Round Washer
  • Grade 8 Nuts.

Hardy Plate Washer

The MiTek Plate Washer (HFPW) is a 1/2″ thick x 3″ x3″ ASTM A36 Plate Washer that is available for 3/4″ and 1-1/8″ diameter threaded rods. The HFPW installs on the embed end of anchor bolts being cast into concrete.

Hardy Portal Frame Angles

Portal Frame Angles provide a structural connection of the MiTek SMF beam to the face of existing framing. The HFMFA is 1/4 inch, ASTM A36 steel, fabricated with pre-punched screw holes on one leg and slotted bolt holes on the other. Slotted holes enable the Angle to be moved in and out of the wall line for adjustment

Hardy Portal Frame Plates

Hardy Portal Frame Plates are typically used to transfer shear horizontally from an existing structure to the beam of a MiTek SMF.  The HFMFP is 1/4 inch, ASTM A36 steel fabricated with pre-punched screw holes for connection to the structure and slotted bolt holes for connection to the SMF beam. Slotted holes enable the Plate to be moved in and out of the wall line for adjustment

hardy Deep Socket

Hardy Bolt Lever

  • Straightens embed bolts while preventing concrete spall
  • Place nut on bolt and position inside the HFBL cylinder. With handle oriented in direction to be bent, pull handle downwards
  • Unique base plate applies compression to concrete to prevent spall
  • Extension handle provides leverage
  • Note: Not recommended for use with high strength rods


  • The table values for Allowable Shear Loads assume Pinned Base anchorage.
  • When additional shear load or a drift limit less than the code maximum is needed a Fixed Base design is available. Consult with lateral systems engineering to determine fixed base values and options.
  • All allowable shear loads have been adjusted to an R-Value of 6.5. To convert design loads from R=3.5 to R=6.5, multiply the design load by 3.5/6.5.

  • The allowable shear loads are based on a story drift of 0.025h. To convert shear loads to a story drift of 0.020h multiply the table value by a factor of 0.8.
  • When designing lateral resistance for a wall line with varying shear resisting elements the stiffness (drift/allowable shear load) must be proportioned.
  • Two story Portal Frames are available. Fill out the Non-Standard Worksheet at the back of this catalog and submit to MiTek to check the required configuration and loading.