EWP Hangers

Power Nail Hangers


Reference Series: MMLU, MMLUI
MiTek's "no hole" connectors are engineered for wood frame structures built in a factory environment. These connectors feature embossed "nailing zones" for faster and safer fastener installation.
Materials: JN – 18 gauge; JNE – 20 gauge; MTHF – 20 gauge
Finish: G90 galvanizing
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Technical Bulletins


  • Install all fasteners with a pneumatic nailer.
  • Nailing zones are distinguished by embossed pattern.
  • Install fasteners with care not to overdrive fastener causing indentation of connector.
  • Fastener quantities shall be installed symmetrically on both sides of connector.
  • Installer should reduce risk of injury from rebounding fasteners by using personal eye protection during fastener installation.
  • Minimum center to center fastener spacing is 1″.

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