Reduced Schedule by Two Months

See how this wood framed multifamily project reduced cycle time to avoid schedule delays by incorporating the MiTek Cold-Formed Steel lateral system. 


Engineering Better Building

Working together to incorporate new solutions to the build process, Clavalo Construction, DCI Engineers and Gurnet Point partnered with MiTek to frame an Oakland, California four-story multifamily structure in just 23 working days, shaving two months off the original schedule.


One Complete System

The new, easily stackable Cold-Formed Steel Picture Frame distributes compression over more wall length and provides lateral load resistance and uplift forces over multiple floors.
  • Cut down on overall project completion costs.
  • Leverage products that are easy to deliver and install.
  • Reduce the variables in the construction sequence to stay ahead of schedule.
  • Cut your cycle time and avoid schedule delays with this offsite solution.
  • Solve framing challenges that develop as a result of structural framing required around large openings. 

Building Solutions

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Value to You


  • Flexibility in design that meets the complex design challenges a lateral system requires
  • CFS partners with other offsite solutions such as wall panels, floor cassettes, roof trusses
  • Replace costly fire treated lumber, glulam, steel rod and structural steel


  • Engineered for predictable performance during a seismic or high wind event
  • Designed to make incorporation into a wood framed structure simple and easy
  • Replaces large timber compression posts with open shape steel columns


  • Easy to spec, ship and install
  • Assembly does not require welding
  • Open shape allows access for other trades (electrical boxes and insulation)
  • Prefabricated frames are ready for insulation, electrical, plumbing and drywall.

Multifamily Solutions

The patented Cold Formed Steel solution provides the freedom to maximize the value window and door openings provide. Distribute stress throughout the building more effectively.


With the efficient use of material, easy installation, and a cavity that facilitates easy access for other trades, the lateral frame is perfect for wood frame construction.

Everything was fabricated offsite…so crane it into place, install with the union carpenters and walk away.

George Meyer

Clavalo Construction

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Plans were approved in 3 days. Without MiTek support, it would've never happened.

Scott MacLellan

Gurnett Point