BLADE Troubleshooting: Outfeed Clamp and Assemblies

Adjusting the Air Cylinder Sensors:  watch video

Replacing Shock Absorbers: watch video

Parts are not ejecting from the outfeed clamp and lumber exit chain:  

  • This may happen more on 2×3 parts because only one row of teeth engage the board, so crooked lumber may miss the teeth completely.
  • Check the alignment and location of the outfeed chain as described in the Maintenance Manual under Adjusting the Lumber Exit Chain Location.

Parts are jamming in the outfeed assembly:

  • Outfeed clamp gap should be 2‐1/2” from tip of chain teeth to surface of camfollowers on opposite side of gap. A larger gap allows wedges to fall beside the current part and cause jams. A smaller gap could prevent a part from entering, causing jams. Adjust the gap as described in the Maintenance Manual under Adjusting the Outfeed Clamp
  • The Unclamped Sensor will also need to be adjusted if changing the outfeed clamp gap. Its location is in the Sensors  section of the Maintenance Manual.
  • If wedges are causing jams, adjust the Fully Clamped Sensor to make it hold the board longer so wedges fall away before it opens up.