EWP Hangers

Light-Duty Slope Rafter / Retrofit Hangers


Reference Series: LRUZ
The LSRR is a sloped hanger that can be adjusted in the field for solid sawn rafters. This innovative hanger allows the carried member to be installed flush with the bottom of supporting member or with the bottom of carried member extended below the supporting member. This hanger installs will fewer nails when compared to similar connectors. The LSRR may be installed after the rafters are in place allowing flexible installation sequencing and retrofit options. Slopes up or down to 45°.
Materials: 18 gauge
Finish: G-185 galvanizing
Code Reports: View Code Report Table


  • Place solid sawn rafter in the installation position.
  • Slide the LSRR into position from below and install 10d nails into header.
  • Bend bottom flange to match rafter and drive 10d x 1-1/2″ nails squarely into rafter.
  • Install 10d common slant nails at a 30° angle, allowing them to penetrate supporting member.

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