EWP Hangers

Fire Wall Hangers for Face Mount Applications


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The FWHFM hanger fastens to the wide face of a balloon framed SCL column thereby eliminating the additive perpendicular-to-grain bearing stresses in the wall top and bottom plates seen with platform framing. As with the FWH hanger, the advanced design allows you to install the hangers before the drywall is attached, allowing your project to be completely framed-up and weather-tight before the drywall sheathing shows up on site.

2 Hour Fire Rating: FWH hangers are tested per ASTM E814 standards. When installed on one side of a maximum 2 hour fire-rated wall assembly, the penetration of the MiTek FWH Fire Wall Hanger through the gypsum wallboard will not reduce the fire resistive rating of the 2 hour fire resistive assembly.

• Face mount hanger design installs with nails
• Attaches to the wide face of columns
• Hanger web accommodates 2-plies of 5/8" gypsum wallboard
• Achieve full table loads with or without gypsum wallboard installation

Patents: Pending
Materials: 12 gauge
Finish: Primer
Code Reports: View Code Report Table

Technical Bulletins


  • Install the face of hanger flanges tight to SCL column/solid framing.
  • The end of the truss/joist should measure 1-5/8″ from the face of the supporting column.
  • The truss/joist should bear fully on the FWH seat with a gap no greater than 1/8″ between the end of the supported member and the hanger.
  • Gypsum Wallboard Installation – Use the FWH-T template to slot cut the gypsum wallboard. See FWH-T Template Sequence. Slide the gypsum wallboard into position and fasten to the framing members meeting the minimum requirements specified by code.

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Option Details:

Welded Top Flange Installation

Welded Top Flange Installation View / Download the above load table as a PDF