Introducing our vision for the future of the construction industry. That future starts today.


We believe in a future of construction that combines Design-Make-Build processes with the greater adoption of advanced components and high-performance structural solutions. This includes enabling and encouraging crucial collaboration across the value chain.
And that vision for the future is attainable today.



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We believe in a future of construction that combines Design-Make-Build
processes with the greater adoption of advanced components and
high-performance structural solutions.


Design whole buildings in software in collaboration with the construction value chain, resolving errors before they eat into profits and cycle times, with the intent to make.


Make the entire structure offsite with automated, precise fabrication, and to be assembled onsite. 


Build the structure onsite with accelerated efficiency, minimized waste, and fewer errors.


Today’s challenges and trends in the construction industry, from labor shortages, increasing demand, materials volatility, and more, all point to one inevitable conclusion: we must adopt better building methods. We believe that includes advanced components powered by intelligent software and automated manufacturing, giving you greater control over design, construction timetables, and your project goals.

Enabling Everyone to Build Better

Want to learn more? Let’s dig deeper into each step of the Design-Make-Build process. We truly believe that everyone benefits from better building, not just a few parts or players in the value chain; everyone. From the Collaboration at the inception and Design phases, the accelerations provided at the Make phase, and the many payoffs found at the Build phase, it’s clear that Design-Make-Build is a better way.


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How it can be built informs what is designed

DESIGN: Crucial Collaboration

Inception and Design of buildings no longer has to be performed in a vacuum. Traditional build processes force designers and builders to think and operate separately, creating problems that are somehow connected, yet detached from each other. With Design-Make-Build, there is a seamless integration and communication channel between the design phase and the makers, each informing each other of the greater possibilities. Watch as Katie and Ben discuss the importance of collaboration and communication – from all parts of the value chain – and the benefits for the rest of the process when that collaboration is championed.

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Increase Accuracy, Quality, Safety, and Speed

MAKE: Enabling Offsite Construction

The key to successful offsite construction is getting it right before the “Make” phase even starts. Let’s be honest, “winging it” should not be an acceptable strategy when building something as important as someone’s home or place of work or play. Using powerful digital tools like BIM Modeling and software enabled manufacturing management not only help accelerate the build cycles, but also provide greater building and materials accuracy, jobsite safety, productivity, and quality. Watch as Katie, Brian, and Marc discuss the benefits of offsite manufacturing utilized in the Make phase.

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Technology, Coordination, and Collaboration

BUILD: The Great Payoff

The Build phase is the point where it all finally comes together. It’s the culmination of the collaboration and coordination between all parts of the value chain, each reaching peak potential with the input and value that they bring. And that’s the Great Payoff! Structures are erected in hours or days instead of weeks or months. Build and Trades schedules can be set – with confidence – weeks or months out instead of days or hours. Weather and other jobsite issues no longer cost you the delays and headaches that they used to. Watch as Katie, Scott, and Brian discuss many of the payoffs achieved with assembling with advanced components.