Twin-Axis™ Sheathing Saw

A specialized saw for cutting wall panel sheathing.


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Cuts wall panel sheathing

  • Two saw blades: 1 for ripping and 1 for cross-cuts 
  • Up to 6 cross-cuts per pass.
  • Deliver cut sheathing panels directly to assembly station with only 1 operator.
  • Better material optimization than with a router

Twin-Axis™ Sheathing Saw

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Less is more! Cut wall sheathing with less time, less material, less mess, and less maintenance. The ripping blade stays stationary as the drive system moves the sheathing material through the saw. The cross-cut blade makes up to 6 cross-cuts per pass.

  • Cutting data and optimization analysis sent to saw automatically by MiTek® ShopNet™ software in ShopNet mode
  • Semi-auto mode allows manual entry of data
  • Easy-to-use calibration feature
  • All cutting done inside the saw chamber: reduces dust, improves safety
  • Ability to bias cut lengths to allow for sheathing gaps as required by sheathing manufacturer
  • Easy operation:
    • Simple, intuitive software
    • Enter data on touch screen or with keyboard and mouse
  • Eliminates bottlenecks:
    • Reduces time spent at assembly station
    • Quality of sheathing can be inspected prior to reaching assembly station
  • Easy to maintain:
    • Motion control and both saw blades located above the deck to reduce dust and eliminate debris in components
    • Fast blade changes reduce maintenance time
    • Easy access to components
    • Down draft air flow design keeps dust inside the saw box and directed into the dust collection system
    • Pull-out dust pans for easy cleanup
Physical Data
26’ long x 7’ 6” wide x 6’ 8” high
Saw Blades
2 saw blades 350 mm, carbide tipped, negative hook 5 hp, 3400 rpm
Infeed material
Accepts all standard sheathing material: Sheet rock, OSB, CDX, Zip System® and more
Accepts all standard sheathing material: Sheet rock, OSB, CDX, Zip System® and more
Pneumatic requirements
9 scfm at 90 psi (for optional equipment)
Approx. weight
5800 lb total
Performance Data
ShopNet mode, Semi-Auto mode, E-stop recovery mode
1 rip width and up to 6 cross cuts on each sheet pass
Infeed material size
20’ x 50” x 2-1/2” maximum
Min. infeed material
3” wide
+/- 1/16”
Cycle time
3+ cycles per minute
Feed rate
120 ft/min
Touch screen with keyboard and mouse, plus supplemental pushbuttons
Safety Data
Safety compliance
UL (panels), OSHA
Indicators of movement
horn and indicator lights
Bilingual or ISO
Safety Data
Pushbutton, light bars, 6 bumpers
Additional Stop Methods
Bumpers on gantry head
For use with multiple press head option
Safety Compliance
UL (panels), OSHA
Indicators of Movement
Horn and beacon light
Bilingual or ISO


  • Infeed Aligner: Automatically squares sheet while feeding to reduce workload on operator and improve accuracy
  • Outfeed Sheet Lifter: Lifts all material off outfeed conveyor surface for easy removal
  • Outfeed Fence Edge Lifter: Lifts edge of cut parts at operator side for easy removal

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