JL Schwieters

Floor cassettes save time onsite and shorten the installation cycle.


Learn how the use of floor cassettes reduced cycle time by 3 days and helped JL Schwieters exceed their customers’ expectations by incorporating MiTek software and automated machinery.

The Story

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With the use of floor cassettes, JL Schwieters is able to install a floor system in a single-family home in one hour with a three-man crew.  They set a 3,700 ft2 job in five hours with a five-man crew. Not only does the use of cassettes reduce cycle time it provides a safer and less fatiguing method for their crews while also optimizing crane times.  

We can work with the mechanical, plumbing, the HVAC and have a lot more accuracy and make the job run a lot smoother.
Production Manager
Jim Wenker

Save time on site and shorten the installation time

Floor trusses are highly engineered and dependable structures, but many builders don’t realize they also help to eliminate costly materials and maximize design freedom. They have more variety than dimensional lumber or I-joists and can be engineered to accommodate design details that benefit the homeowner – like higher ceilings, fewer soffits, and balconies.

  • Install floor systems within minutes of arrival
  • Less time on ladders will increase safety and reduce fatigue.
  • Walk on cassettes immediately, improving safety at heights
  • Reduce material costs
  • Install fewer framing members
  • Sheath 1’ off the ground instead of 10’ in the air
  • Maximize design freedom by incorporating many architectural details into individual truss designs, such as concealed beams, cantilevers and balconies. These prefabricated designs reduce framing complexity and install time.
  • Eliminates the need for on-site sawing and increases available space for HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing installation vs other framing methods, which have restrictions limiting the location and size of holes in a joist. Floor trusses remove the confusion for contractors because there is no need to drill holes in the first place.

We’ve met countless peers through MiTek who have really helped us develop our business.
Plant Manager
Blake Schweiters

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