MiTek Blackpoint

An options management modeling program that automates the creation of lot-specific plans in minutes for any combination of standard options.

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All Your Options Drawn Once

MiTek® Blackpoint™ is an AutoCAD Architecture (ACA) and AutoCAD MEP add-in. It increases efficiency by automating the creation of lot-specific plans for any combination of standard options in minutes.

Save Significant Time

  • Reduce drawing and estimate time from weeks to minutes.
  • Automate BOMs in minutes with accurate CAD objects.
  • Automate the steps needed for your designers to re-dimensionalize

Reduce Errors

  • Blackpoint reduces field errors by verifying buildability prior to
  • Reduces the risk of creating unbuildable structures – the software identifies option-on-option errors.

Enhance Productivity

  • Spend your time on other tasks instead of managing drawings and materials for each unique option combination.
  • Automate master plan set creation – including accurate option and option-on-option combinations.
  • Remove non-value-added work with tools like dimensions points, sheet cloning, and even BOM automation, which uses accurate CAD objects.
  • Ability to draw in 2D and 3D.
  • Reduces the need to duplicate revisions, removing the risk of errors made by overlooking changes.
  • Draw options once; no replication needed.
  • Supports an unlimited number of options, including options-on-options.
  • Draw custom options for homebuyer customization.
  • Enhance the buyer experience with fast lot-specific order fulfillment.
  • Trades, vendors, and staff all work from a consistent, accurate, and detailed plan.
  • Strong roof design capability and standard conditions.
  • Dramatically reduces time and effort to submit drawings for municipal permits.

Enhance automation further using the Material Manager feature, which generates detailed Bill of Materials (BOMs) using 3D CAD objects and configurable company rules. The automated BOMs are consistent and repeatable, making the entire process more efficient.

Integration with MiTek® Kova

One solution to manage all your business workflows

  • Using MiTek Blackpoint with MiTek Kova ensures a correct sales contract – houses will be 100% buildable with no option-related errors.
  • Create & upload Sales Configurator Option Images directly from the model in MiTek Blackpoint.
  • MiTek Kova Doc Portal offers plan storage, automated lot-specific plan orders, and automated creation of and access to marketing images.
  • MiTek Kova Doc Portal ensures version control and permissions for plans and BOMs, reducing the potential for costly and time-consuming field delays.

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