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Designed for Engineers and Estimators, MiTek® Specifier™ software simplifies access to information on thousands of USP® structural connectors through an intuitive point and click interface.


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Fast, Accurate and Detailed Product Quotes

Designed for Engineers and Estimators, MiTek Specifier™ software simplifies access to information on thousands of MiTek USP Structural Connectors. Looking up connector capacities, viewing code evaluation reports and mapping from referenced products to USP products is free, quick and easy to use. This versatile tool assists with the design, specification and quoting processes for steel connections in wood frame structures of all sizes.

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Allowable Load Charts

Instantly create load charts with customizable tables and better product comparisons.


Customize a project summary specific to quoting, sales and supply needs.

Catalog Pages

Generate catalog pages for each product specified.

Look Up Connector

Lookup Connector for connector information and code compliance reports on thousands of USP products.

MiTek Specifier Free Download

Version 1.10 Highlights

  • Quick Select Truss-to-Truss has been turned back on.
  • Data now supports all WS and WSWH product line variations.
  • Face Mounthangers not allowed when supporting member is a floor truss.
  • Expanded list of available EWP manufacturers now offered in Quick Select.

Steps to Upgrade From Previous Version:

  1. Close MiTek Specifier (if currently running).
  2. Download the most recent Specifier install file.
  3. Save the file to your Desktop.
  4. Double-click the USPSpecifierSetup.exe file that was downloaded in step #2.
  5. The upgrade process automatically launches.
  6. When the upgrade process is complete click “Finish”, and you are done!

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