BLADE Troubleshooting: Printer

Printer Options, Specs, and Instructions

Cleaning the Printer

The printer nozzles must always be kept clean. Wipe the printer face (nozzles) at least twice a day with a paper towel dipped in an acetone-based cleaner. We recommend Klean-Strip® Acetone (special purpose thinner, cleaner, and remover) that can be found at any hardware store in the paint department.  

For caked ink, use a soft brush dipped in the acetone cleaner. 

Do NOT use...

  • No alcohol should ever be used. 
  • To prevent lint particles from damaging the print heads, do NOT use a rag or cloth.
  • The cleaning solution used for flushing the valves is not recommended either. Acetone is more effective for dried ink.

Setting Up a Printer in the BLADE and Board Stretcher Software

BLADE Printer Setup Options (for Technicians)


Encoders Come Loose: Use BLUE Loctite® thread adhesive.