Truss and Rafter Tiedowns

Universal Girder Tiedown


Reference Series: VGT
The Universal Girder Tiedown, UGTQ, is a high capacity tiedown designed to resist uplift loads on multi-ply roof trusses. The UGTQ installs with MiTek’s WS structural wood screws and is fastened on one side for single connector installations or opposite sides for two connector installations. The UGTQ is available in left and right models for installation near the end of girders.

Features & Benefits:
• UGTQs may be installed as a single connector or in pairs
• May be installed elevated from top plate
• Can be installed on trusses and beams with top chord slopes up to 8/12
• May be used with holdown device, bearing plate or embedded/epoxy rod

Patents: Pending
Materials: 10 gauge
Finish: G90 galvanizing
Code Reports: View Code Report Table

Technical Bulletins


  • Use all specified fasteners.
  • MiTek’s WS3 structural wood screws, 1/4″ dia. x 3″ long, are supplied with UGTQ tiedowns.
  • Left and right connectors shall be installed as shown.
  • UGTQL/R shall be installed a minimum 1/2″ from the end of the supported member.

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Code Report Table