Plated Truss

Breakfast Nook Hangers


Reference Series: THJM2-4-SDS3
Designed to carry four mono trusses in one connector, it reduces installation time and cost. Provides a tested, load rated connection. Standard configuration spacing: 22-1/2-degree, 45-degree, 45-degree, 45-degree, 22-1/2-degree. The design also includes field adjustable nailing tabs.
Materials: 14 gauge
Finish: USP primer
Code Reports: View Code Report Table


  • Use all specified fasteners.
  • Allow a 2″ setback for each mono truss.
  • For pitched ceiling, design mono trusses with end-vertical upset. Upset equals tangent of the ceiling slope times 5.6-inches.
  • Bend tab only once.

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