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Wall Bracing


Reference Series: WB, WBC, RCWB, TWB
Wall bracing products are engineered to meet the prescriptive 1x4 let-in brace code requirements.

RWB – Flat bracing conveniently packaged in a handy roll out dispenser. Perfect for unexpected job site shortages. The 35-pound dispenser pack fits easily into a truck bed for transport. Pre-embossed snap-off points can be broken off by hand (wear gloves for safety).
WB – A flat style bracing engineered to easily nail to studs. No cutting or fitting needed.
WBC – L-shaped design for additional strength and rigidity.
WBT – Rolled edges and T-style design gives the WBT strength, rigidity, and eliminates sharp, sheared edges.
Materials: See Load Table
Finish: G90 galvanizing
Code Reports: View Code Report Table


  • Use all specified fasteners.
  • Bracing is a framing aid, not a substitute for structural shear wall components.
  • RWB / WB – Use with 16″ or 24″ o.c. studs. Install in pairs forming an “X” or opposing “V” at each end of a maximum 25-foot long wall panel.
    Steps: Square the panel. Straighten any kinks in bracing caused by handling. Lay bracing on the panel flush to the top of top plate and flush to the bottom of the bottom plate. Secure bracing to the top plate and bottom plate using 16d nails (WB) or 8d nails (RWB). Position second bracing at an angle opposite to the first brace to form an “X” and secure to top and bottom plate as with the first bracing. Using 8d nails, secure bracing to all intersecting studs.
  • WBC / WBT – Use with 16″ or 12″ o.c. studs. Install one brace at each end of wall section, not exceeding 25-feet, in an opposing “V” pattern. Use the web portion of a length of bracing as a straight edge to mark studs. Cut a saw kerf 5/8″ deep (1″ deep for WBC). Insert the bracing web into the saw kerf, and drive one nail into the top plate. Raise the wall section into place and plumb. Finish fastening according to the nail schedule.

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