Washer Head Exterior Structural Wood Screws


Reference Series: SDW
The WSWH is an ideal alternative for the Pro or DIYer to traditional lag screws and through-bolts installing deck ledgers and more. It is easy to install and reduces labor on the jobsite. The large, flat washer head maximizes bearing area and allows for less interference after installation.

Features & Benefits:
• 1/4" diameter
• No predrilling
• Flat head style allows for less interference after installation
• Type 17 point reduces installation torque and splitting
• T30* drive eliminates cam-out
• Nibs under head seat head flush to wood surface
• Length identification stamps on all heads

* T30 is a trademark of Acument
Materials: 1/4" diameter Grade 5 steel
Finish: Exterior Coat
Code Reports: View Code Report Table


  • For best results, install the MiTek Washer Head using a high torque, 1/2″ variable speed drill.
  • Bring the washer portion of head flush to the surface of the wood. Do not overdrive.

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