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MiTek's Light-Duty Firewall Hangers are designed to provide an economic solution between wood framed fire walls and I-joists or dimension lumber. 2 Hour Fire Rating: FWHL hangers are tested per ASTM E814 standards. When installed on one side of a maximum 2 hour fire-rated wall assembly, the penetration of the MiTek FWHL Fire Wall Hanger through the gypsum wallboard will not reduce the fire resistive rating of the 2 hour fire resistive assembly.

Patents: U.S. No. 11,649,626
Materials: 14 gauge
Finish: G90 galvanizing
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• Install the face of hanger flanges tight to stud wall framing.

• For typical installations, the FWHL does not need to be installed at stud locations.

• The end of the joist should measure no more than 1-5/8″ from the face of the supporting wall. See Figure 1.

• The joist should bear fully on the FWHL seat with a gap no greater than 1/8″ between the end of the supported member and the hanger. See Figure 1.

Gypsum Wallboard Installation – Use the FWH-T template to slot cut the gypsum wallboard. See FWH-T Template Installation Sequence. Slide the gypsum wallboard into position and fasten to the framing members meeting the minimum requirements specified by code.

• Web stiffeners are required for I-Joist Installations.

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