EWP Hangers

Slope/Skew Hangers


Reference Series: LSSJ
The LSS series is ideal for connecting rafters to ridge and hip beams in vaulted roof structures. This series is field adjustable to meet a variety of skew and/or slope applications. Slopes and skews 0° to 45°.
Materials: 18 gauge
Finish: G-185 Galvanizing
Code Reports: View Code Report Table


  • Use all specified fasteners. Hot-dip galvanized fasteners are required for exterior applications.
  • Toe-nailing the rafter into place for temporary support may help with installation.
  • Illustrations show left and right skews. (LSS_L = skewed left; LSS_R = skewed right)


1. Bend the back flange of the LSS to match the skew angle of the rafter.

2. Position the LSS against the rafter and bend the seat (bottom) of the LSS to match the slope of the rafter.

3. With the LSS held tight to the side and bottom of the rafter, install the prescribed nails into the ridge or hip beam first.

4. Install the prescribed nails thru the dimple nail holes into the rafter second.

5. Install the prescribed nails thru the seat into the rafter last.

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