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Reference Series: FWANZ
MiTek’s FWAN-TZ Foundation Wall Anchor is designed to transfer in-plane and out-of-plane foundation wall loads imposed by soil through the joist/blocking into the floor diaphragm. The unique design allows for installations that straddle the joist/blocking eliminating bending stresses in the rim board that result from offset installations.
The FWAN-TZ offers two methods of installation:
1. Centered Installation
• Compatible with joist/blocking up to 3-1/2-inches wide
• Highest load capacities for transfer of out-of-plane loads into floor framing
• Rim board splices allowed anywhere along the wall
2. Offset Installation
• Installs in the space between the joists/blocking
• Out-of-plane loads are transferred thru the rim board into the floor framing
• Offsets up to 4-inches
Materials: 16 gauge
Finish: G-185 galvanizing
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  • Centered Installation – Fill only triangle holes when nailing to the rim board.
  • Offset Installation – Fill only diamond holes when nailing to the rim board.
  • FWAN-TZ must be installed tight to the outside face of the rim board.
  • Minimum sill plate thickness is 1-1/2-inches.
  • Offset Installations require that the FWAN-TZ be installed within 4-inches of the joist/blocking.
  • For Offset Installations, install with two narrow tabs against rim board. Splices in the rim board are not permitted in the space between the joists/blocking where the FWAN-TZ is installed.
  • The designer must specify the anchor bolt size, spacing and embedment necessary to transfer the foundation loads into the sill plate. Stresses in the sill plate must be considered when determining the maximum spacing of the anchor bolts.

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