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The AB anchor bolt provides an economical way to meet the prescriptive requirements of the 2018 IRC for securing mudsill plates to a concrete or masonry foundation. The bolt is manufactured from ASTM 1554 steel and has a hot-dip galvanized finish. A nut (ASTM A 563) and washer (ASTM F 844) are included.
Note:] In some jurisdictions, a plate washer may be required. Check with your local Building Official.
Materials: Bolt: ASTM F 1554; Nut: ASTM A 563; Washers: ASTM F 844
Finish: Hot-dip galvanized
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  • Select appropriate AB Anchor Bolt.
  • Use concrete with minimum compressive strength of 2,500 psi at 28 days.
  • Nuts and washers are included.
  • Anchor bolts intended for use to satisfy code prescribed anchoring of mudsill plates, and shall be installed as defined in the code.
  • Allowable loads shall be derived in accordance with the code.
  • Plate washers may be required in some regions.
  • Reference IRC R403.1.6, IBC 2308.3.1, 2308.3.1.1, 2308.3.1.2 for minimum diameter and embedment into masonry or concrete.

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Product meets Prescriptive Code Requirements


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