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Column Bases


Reference Series: CBSQ
These column bases install using MiTek’s WS2-EXT structural wood screws, reducing installation time and cost. Designed for high uplift in high wind or seismic applications. Includes a stand-off plate to protect the wood from ground contact moisture as required by building code.
Materials: Strap – 10 gauge; Base – 16 gauge (CBSQ44-TZ), 12 gauge (CBSQ46-TZ, CBSQ66-TZ)
Finish: G-185 galvanizing
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  • Use all specified fasteners.
  • MiTek’s WS2-EXT structural wood screws, 1/4″ dia. x 2″ long, are supplied with CBSQ Bases.
  • Maintain 3″ minimum edge distance between post and edge of concrete.
  • Embed the column base until the concrete surface meets the bottom edge of the stand-off plate.
  • Not recommended for fence posts or other unrestrained (not fixed or fastened at top) applications. These bases are not designed to resist overturning (moment) loads.
  • Reference IRC R317.1.4, IBC 2304.12.2.2, IRC R407.3, IBC 2304.10.7

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