Hornet Saw

Increase Wall Panel productivity with high quality layout, inking and parts cutting.

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The choice of high
production operators
for Wall Panels

This wall panel saw is capable of routine production of 7,000 linear feet of plate per shift.

  • UP CUT SAW – Full auto angulation and cutting
  • FULLY AUTOMATED CHAIN CONVEYOR FEED – Keeps cutting as long as there is lumber in the chamber
  • FULL AUTOMATED OUTFEED SWEEP – Sweeps cut pieces allowing cutting to continue automatically
  • PLATE LAYOUT EDGE PRINTER – 600dpi printer provides fully customizable printing
  • BOM – An optional bottom face printer can print bill of materials, listing every part that goes into the wall panel 
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MiTek Hornet Saw



Build faster and more accurately.

The incredible level of detail embedded in the wall panel plate layout clearly communicates the design intent allowing your design staff and assembly crew to work together as a team. This level of detail enables your assembly crew to build faster and more accurately because they are not constantly searching for details in the paperwork. 

The Hornet saw can cut every part within the wall panel.

Operators can cut headers and sills with all the layout complete along with posts, blocking and more. While working with most wall panel design software the MiTek® Hornet saw is capable of producing 7,000 linear feet in a routine shift.

TeamworkEnables the design and assembly to work together as a team.
CuttingCan cut “every” part within the wall panel.
SoftwareWorks with most wall panel software.
Scrap CuttingMaintain a library of preferred block lengths and automatically cut scrap into useable pieces.
Cut two and four boards tallMark and cut top and bottom plate simultaneously.


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