A heavy-duty platen press meant to tackle the toughest jobs.

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  • Safety features on every machine, including a scanner and operator platform. 
  • Standard electrical control designs which include a fully integrated safety circuit with safety modules and redundant contacts for operator safety. 
  • Multiple sensors and gauges to monitor the machine and assist with maintenance.
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  • Sensors monitor cleanliness of hydraulic fluid filter, level of fluid, and temperature of fluid.
  • Automatic temperature control keeps the hydraulic fluid at optimum temperature.
  • Hydraulic system has idle time for automatic shutoff when not in use.
  • Display screen communicates system status and faults.
  • Operator platform and two joysticks offer full visibility of the pressing surface.
  • Easily integrates with MiTek RoofTracker™ and RoofGlider®  gantry heads.
  • 50 tons of pressing force ensure good plate embedment while a Finish Roller cleanly completes the job.


ComponentsGantry head, tables, and parking stands
Platen Size, Material, and Opening16′ 6-3/4″ long x 30″ wide 1-1/2″ thick steel Vertical: 3/4″ to 5-3/4″ up from table surface (adjustable) Camber on Platen: 1/16″ max. down at midpoint
Wheels8 drive wheels (10″ diameter), 8 guide wheels (5″ diameter)
Hydraulic System Motor20 hp
Drive System Brake Motor10 hp
Hydraulic Reservoir90 gal.
Table Working Surface13′ 11-1/2″ x 6′ 1-3/4″ with 3/4″ steel table top
Integration with Other PressesIntegrates w/RoofTracker™ and RoofGlider® Stand-alone system or can be integrated with RoofTracker or RoofGlider system. RoofTracker and RoofGlider head can travel and press on AutoPress 14TL tables. AutoPress 14TL head can travel on RoofTracker and RoofGlider tables, but can only press on AutoPress 14TL tables.
Pressure ModesHigh or Low
Pressing CapacityMax. of 50 tons in High Mode
Speed of TravelUp to 125 FPM
Lumber CapacityMax. 5-1/2″ thick by 13′ 11″ long
HMI4-position joysticks (2) and pushbuttons
Plate Embedment60%-90%, Finish Roller required
Electrical Specs208/230/460/575 VAC, 3-phase, 60 Hz
Overhead bus bar system required
E-stopsPushbutton, light bars, 6 bumpers
Additional Stop MethodsBumpers on gantry head
InterlocksFor use with multiple press head option
Safety ComplianceUL (panels), OSHA
Indicators of MovementHorn and beacon light
LabelsBilingual or ISO


  • Multiple press heads w/interlock
  • Aisle covers for continuous-top system
  • Virtek® laser projection system
  • Powered Stand-alone Conveyors
  • Table ejection options available (must match existing system if integrating): Side-eject, auto-eject


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