Our new MatchPoint DirectDrive™ system complements the MatchPoint BLADE™ wood processing system and Wizard PDS® Auto Jigging system.


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  • Increase efficiency of the MatchPoint BLADE and Wizard PDS gantries.
  • Reduce indirect and direct labor cost.
  • Eliminate nearly all truss manufacturing set-up time.
  • Access new software and a material handling system that transforms roof truss component manufacturing. 
  • Increase plant capacity within your facility's existing footprint.
  • Reduce training time for new employees.

MatchPoint DirectDrive Material Handling System

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DirectDrive System

MiTek's MatchPoint DirectDrive™ System Increases the Productivity of Roof Truss Component Manufacturing.
MiTek's new MatchPoint DirectDrive system complements the MiTek's MatchPoint BLADE™ wood processing system and MiTek's Wizard PDS® Auto Jigging system. It's a cutting device, material handling solution, and production control department all rolled into one system. 

Component Manufacturers Can Reduce Workforce Headcount, While Increasing Thru-Put Within a Facility's Existing Footprint.

With the MatchPoint DirectDrive system, users can access new software and a material handling system that fully rounds out roof truss and floor component manufacturing. 

MatchPoint BLADE™ system offers sorting, optimizing, and printing capabilities which allow for unrivaled accuracy and speed!

When delivering cut wood truss members from the saw to the truss table, the MatchPoint BLADE system offers sorting, optimizing, and printing capabilities which allow for unrivaled accuracy and speed. 

  • Users of MatchPoint DirectDrive system can also experience even greater increased output, achieved with a potentially reduced workforce. 
  • The MatchPoint DirectDrive system all but eliminates truss manufacturing “setup time,” a major factor that can limit truss production output. 
  • Finally, by adding MiTek's Virtual Plant software (MVP), users can also manage the truss manufacturing process, a.k.a. work in progress (WIP), far better than before, while increasing manufacturing capacity within a manufacturing facility's existing footprint.

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