Cyber A/T®

Component Saw

A component saw with up to 6 blades for high-speed batch cutting.

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High-speed batch cutting

  • Qaud 6 - make almost any cut an architect could want by adding a sixth saw blade (quadrant).
  • Catcher Display - enable the outfeed operator to scroll through a list of cut members. The display panel shows two easy-to-read lines of text, which you can customize to provide only the information you need.
  • Inker - Saves hours by marking identification data onto each cut board.

Cyber A/T Saw Overview Video

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Fast, accurate setups, improved position resolution, faster processing, and fewer calibrations! You can have it all with the Cyber®A/T component saw. It's a computer-controlled saw with fully powered features and options. Two of the most popular options are the Inker and the Catcher Display. 

  • Position repeatability to 0.1 degree for saw blade angles and 1/16 in. for carriage travel.
  • State-of-the-art absolute encoders.
  • Network ready 10base-T connection.
  • Cuts 2x4 or 2x3 lumber.


  • The Ready-Feed Lumber Conveyor adds another level of automation to the infeed process.
  • A 12-ft Incline Waste Conveyor can be mounted on either end of the saw to efficiently remove waste lumber. 
  • A Skatewheel Outfeed Conveyor provides a cushion of space on the outfeed side.


Physical Data
32' L x 15' 1" W x 9' 1" H
lnfeed chain:
Heavy-duty #2120 w/flights to push lumber
Pneumatic requirements:
100 psi
Approx. weight:
18,000 lb
Performance Data
Manual, Semiauto, Automatic
Lumber size:
2x4 up to 2x12 (standard orientation) 4x2 (floor truss orientation)
In- and out-of-cut adjustment:
Lateral on blade #5, vertical on blades #1,2, 3, 4
Waste conveyor belt:
24" wide, operates automatically
Touch screen computer, Windows® operating software
Industrial brake for rapid stopping
  • Absolute encoders for accurate positioning
  • All blade axes and on-saw conveyor adjustments are powered
  • Ability to take blades in and out of cut
  • Pneumatic brakes on all saw blades
  • Electronic lumber counter
  • Rack and pinion adjustable lumber stop
  • Center lumber support for long boards
  • Heel cut skid bar to support ends (2nd bar optional)
  • Floor truss web riser bars for cutting 4x2 boards
  • English and Spanish software on every saw

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