Payne Family Homes

At Payne Homes, award-Winning Leadership and Top Technology Fuel Stunning Growth.


Payne starts 280 homes in 2018

The key is a great culture, with great products, and high customer satisfaction. On the operations side, success can be owed to Payne's use of processed-based methods in every aspect of its operations, from customer prospecting and sales, all the way to roof trusses and engineered floors that are designed by Payne's component manufacturers. And that's all driven by highly integrated software that ties systems together.

The Story

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Margin Protection

As Payne has grown, it has actually reduced the number of people it takes to build a home, allowing Payne to start more and more homes with a relatively smaller and smaller staff.

We've scaled up without having to staff up.

Vice President of Construction Operations

Eva Fryar


Payne Family Homes has seen the near-perfect harmonizing of product, culture, technology, manufacturing, and construction. Their software systems speak directly to one another. Prices and data adjustments are self-calculating. Purchase orders and schedules are dynamic and keyed to events happening on a single lot. The company's commitment to excellence in its homes is reflected in the commitment the company has made to excellence in the technology and manufacturing that drives construction.


"Driving down construction cycle times is key to any home building company, and ours is no different. It's no secret that there are fixed costs to carrying a home under construction," Eva Fryar explains.  "The margin we predict at the signing of the contract is the margin we want to protect and realize at the closing. Any slippage directly affects our gross profit margins, which affects our earnings.”

The Solution

Builder MT and Sales Simplicity

"One of the keys to our success is that we seamlessly pass along documents and data through our integrated systems - MiTek® SALES SIMPLICITY for CRM/sales and MiTek® BUILDER MT WMS for workflow - all the way back thru estimating, design, purchasing, accounting and warranty. This includes sending design data to our component manufacturers and lumber suppliers, like Pioneer Truss, which run MiTek STRUCTURE and MiTek AUTOMATION manufacturing software."


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