Anchor Designer Software

Optimize anchoring connections for mechanical and chemical anchor solutions.

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MiTek Anchor Designer Software

Anchor Designer is powerful design software that provides optimized connection solutions for threaded anchors post-installed into concrete. The software determines the required anchor rod steel grade, diameter and effective embedment depth based on applied factored tension, shear and moment loads.

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Design Connections

Calculates Recommendations for Mechanical and Chemical Anchors.


Links to individual product ESR within the Result Overview.


Create a detailed design report and email as a PDF.

Seismic Design Categories

Allows high seismic regions (Seismic Design Categories (SDC) C, D, E, F).

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MiTek Anchor Designer Software Free Download

  • Designs adhesive anchor connections using CIA-GEL 7000-C Epoxy
  • Designs mechanical anchor connections using SACH Screw Anchor and WAC Wedge Anchor
  • Compliant to the 2012 and 2015 IBC code requirements
  • Solutions are calculated using either ACI 318-11 (IBC 2012) or ACI 318-14 (IBC 2015) as decided by the user.
  • Good for normal weight cracked and un-cracked concrete with or without steel reinforcement
  • Allows high seismic regions (Seismic Design Categories (SDC) C, D, E and F)
  • Accommodates up to eight threaded anchors
  • Bolt group profile can be eccentric to anchor plate
  • Creates a comprehensive design report that can be emailed as a PDF for job submittal
  • Has French and Spanish language option
  • Automatically scans for software updates and will alert user when updates are available

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