Washer Head Interior Wood Screw

For Multi-Ply EWP and Multi-Ply Truss Girders

The MiTek® Pro Series™ Washer Head is the ideal screw for interior Multi-Ply EWP and Dimensional wood connections. The specific lengths of the WSWH allow for one-sided connections on multi-ply beams and truss girders. The WSWH is listed under ICC-ES ESR-2761 and is code compliant to the 2018 IBC-IRC.

Structural Wood Screw
Features and Benefits:
  • 1/4" diameter
  • No predrilling
  • Comparable to 1/2" lag screw
  • Flat head style allows for less interference after installation
  • Sharp cut-point reduces installation torque and splitting
  • T30 drive eliminates cam-out
  • Head seats flush to wood surface
  • Length identification stamps on all heads
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Pro Series™ Washer Head Interior Product Details

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