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Reference Series: DTB1Z
Connects deck boards to joists without face nails or screws. Eliminates rust stains on decks, as well as splintering or wood rot caused by screw or nail “craters". The DC50-TZ works like tongue-in-groove flooring and is easy to install. Raised dimples on the clip provide consistent spacing between deck boards.

Materials: 20 gauge

Finish: G-185 galvanizing

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  • Use all specified fasteners.
  • Fits 1-1/8" or thicker decking.
  • Fasten the first deck board onto the joists by toenailing up through the joist below into the deck board. Be sure no sharp points protrude above the deck surface. For subsequent deck board rows, nail DC50-TZ's onto the deck board edge, positioned 2" from each joist. Slide the deck board along the joist until the DC50-TZ “lip" is under the previously laid deck board. Toenail the deck board’s exposed edge to the joist. Repeat until decking is completed. The last deck board will require toenailing up from below to secure the outside edge.

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Option Details:

Corrosion Resistant Products Table

Corrosion Resistant Products Table

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Code Report Table

Non-Structural: Product is not load rated and does not require code evaluation.