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MiTek return good policy for Epoxy and Adhesive Product is as follows:

Standard Return Good Procedure:

Epoxy Products [except CIA-GEL 7000] may be returned within 90 days of original purchase once an RMA has been issued under the following conditions:

  1. Materials must be currently cataloged and under warranty.
  2. Any returned Epoxies or Adhesives must have a minimum of 12 months remaining shelf life upon receipt of the return.
  3. Full carton returns only.
  4. Customer must provide the invoices that reflect the price and amount of products to be returned.
  5. Product to be returned must be packed and shrink wrapped on a pallet with a packing list detailing number of cartons of each type of product on each pallet.
  6. The Customer is responsible for freight.
  7. Any fees incurred in repackaging will be deducted from the return amount.
  8. Any product shipped without an RMA will be refused and returned to the customer.

Once the return is approved an RMA will be created and sent to the customer for processing the return. Allow 30 days from return for credit to be issued.

The same conditions apply to all Epoxy and Adhesive returns of product purchased between 30 and 90 days after purchase. A 25% restock fee will be applied to the return. Once the return is approved an RMA will be created and sent to the customer for processing the return. Customer may return product once an RMA has been issued.

Epoxy and Adhesive Products are not eligible for inventory re-balancing options.