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INCREDI-BOND® Multi-Purpose Epoxy

INCREDI-BOND® is a professional grade, high strength two-component epoxy specifically designed to be a bonding agent for almost all household materials including wood, steel, concrete, brick, stone and CMU block. It is moisture insensitive and can also be used to fill cracks in concrete, block and stone. The epoxy has a 2 year shelf life when stored in unopened containers in dry conditions between 40°F to 90°F.


  • High Strength (over 1,000 psi bond strength in 2 days)
  • Quick initial Cure (2 hours at 75° F)
  • Convenient 20 minute working time
  • Trowelable, sandable, paintable
  • Cures in damp environments
  • Recommended for installation between 40°F to 100°F
  • Easy tool clean up with M.E.K. or WD-40
  • 100% solvent free system means low VOC content


  • Bonding applications for: Concrete, Brick, CMU block, Stone, Metal, Wood
  • Repair vertical and overhead cracks in concrete (non-structural)
  • Repair vertical and overhead spalls in concrete (5/8″ deep & 3″ diameter max)
  • Non-sag, no-drip consistency makes this ideal for corner repairs to concrete and block walls, overhead patching and repairs
  • Repair and replace brick
  • Replace pool tile (no need to empty pool)
  • Fills holes and cracks
  • Not recommended for structural applications

OSHA has issued a new rule for measuring and limiting exposure to silica dust. 

Learn More: OSHA Construction Standard for Silica Dust Exposure

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