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CIA-GEL 7000 Masonry Epoxy

CIA-GEL 7000 Epoxy is a structural adhesive specifically designed to attach threaded anchor rods into fully grouted concrete masonry units (CMU) and has recently been evaluated to ICC-ES AC58 for seismic, sustained load, elevated temperature and freeze-thaw suitability conditions. It can also be used to install anchor rods into uncracked concrete and reinforced brick. It is a low odor, solvent free, non-shrink adhesive. The two-component (resin and hardener) epoxy is supplied in equal volume cartridges, which are combined in a 1:1 ratio when dispensed through the attached mixing nozzle. Either a hand powered or air-powered dispenser may be used. The cartridges are sealed with a D-plug which opens easily on the jobsite and allows partially used cartridges to be saved for later use. The epoxy has a two year shelf life when stored in unopened containers at a temperature of 21°C/70°F.


  • Designed for tension and shear loads due to wind or earthquake
  • Can also be used for long term static tension and shear loads
  • High Strength: 1/2″ Ø anchor with 4-1/2″ embedment has an allowable static tension force over 1,600 lbs (A 307 threaded rod, Grade N CMU)
  • Hardware may be installed and nuts tightened in 6 hours with full cure in 36 hours (between 15°C/61°F to 21°C/70°F)
  • Use with threaded steel rod or deformed rebar
  • No shrinkage
  • MXDA free (Meta-xylenediamine) and VOC free (volatile organic compounds)


  • Anchors continuously threaded steel rod and deformed rebar into fully grouted CMU
  • Brick veneer anchoring
  • Crack injection of medium to wide cracks
  • Anchors rebar and threaded steel rod into uncracked concrete

OSHA has issued a new rule for measuring and limiting exposure to silica dust. 

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